Sunday, February 3, 2008

Neighbors: The Update

Remember when I posted about my neighbor who hoses off his driveway in the middle of winter? Here he is. Notice that the water has shockingly run downhill towards the street.

He is now contemplating how effective the snow he shoveled into the street is at creating a dam. The picture I didn't get was him scooping up the water.


tallulah said...

Well you know how strict our CC&R's are. Sheez! He could get a nice little letter from the association if his sidewalk is not clear enough.
He is clearly a genius.

dannogal said...

As a fellow "mayberry" resident, I'm just a little pissed I didn't think of it first.

elle said...

Way to snipe your neighbor!! Awesome. We should have a neighbor sniping contest here in Mayberry

boisecommaidaho said...

The creepieness of taking pictures of my neighbors from a second story window is certainly not lost on me...but it's really good comedy sometimes.