Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aziz from Yemen

So last Saturday I found myself in a bright yellow Ford Escape cab cruising down Fillmore in San Francisco. There were four of us squished into the back seat while the fifth was comfortably chatting up the cabby in the front. My face was quite close to the side window which warned that we were all on camera, which was mounted above the rear view mirror. I'm sure it had a decent view of all of us. So front seat guy has made friends with the cabby in a matter of seconds and this is what ensues: Front Seat: So, what types of alcohol do you have in Yemen? Cabby: No alcohol, I just smoke. Front Seat: No way, do you want to smoke now? Do you have some with you? Cabby: Are you cops? Front Seat: No way man. Back Seat: Um, does that camera really work? Cabby: (ignoring the back seat) yeah, yeah, hang on. The cabby then hops out of the car to get the smoke out of the gas tank; no one has any papers so we spend another 10 minutes finding smoking accoutrements. Back Seat: Can you turn the camera off? Cabby: (still ignoring the backseat) So it's great, yeah, my cousin grows it. Front Seat: Can I get your card, I'm always looking for a good driver. So here I am, pressed up against the backseat window, enjoying a decent contact high, while my cabby is now stoned and driving us through the streets of San Francisco. I think there is a theme for September and it has something to do with a safety meeting.

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jpogue said...

HA! Can you call me next time you go to SF with your friends!