Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween -- Repent or Vote Palin

This Halloween was pretty low key for me. I bailed on a perfectly good Halloween party to catch up on my sleep, but not before I got a good look at what Halloween is like on Harrison Blvd. Repent Now Sinners: A large white tent on the corner of Eastman and Harrison claimed itself to be the Boise Baptist Church group in GIANT RED LETTERS. There was a large table with lots of flyers and a small bowl of candy. Beware Those Who Enter: A block up on the opposite side of the street, homeowners had enclosed their front yard with cardboard to make it look as if you were entering a castle. Pretty cool until you glanced up to see the PALIN CASTLE sign looming above your head. So I ask parents in the audience, does this bother you? When did it become appropriate to make our children repent their sins and declare their political party before they can get a bite size piece of candy?