Friday, November 16, 2007

What I See

Coyotes Llama Cows Great Blue Heron Racoons Skunks Bears Owl Deer Badger Wild Turkeys Fox Quail Falcons Rabbits These are the animals I get to see almost everyday on my 9 mile drive to the big city. I grew up with all of these animals here in Idaho, and 38 years later I still stop and gaze with awe when a coyote chooses to reveal itself to me, or an owl checks me out from high up in the trees. In a short 9 miles I get to see the world I live in and that list doesn't include the sunrises, the rainbows or the storm clouds that periodically paint the sky. I believe that life is good.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Family Values

It's not often I feel a strong desire to flee Idaho, but when I do it's always the politics. I can't believe my tax dollars are paying for this shit: Here is what I learned: 1. Single moms cause drug addiction 2. The 1950s family is our benchmark 3. The 1950s family had troubles too 3. Divorce promotes domestic violence 4. Divorced people are criminals 5. Divorced people raise criminals 6. Divorce is "Satan's" tool 7. We love our children (have 10 of them) 8. If your child's daycare has less than 13 kids, it can be run by child molesters 9. Early childhood education hurts our children by keeping them away from their moms 10. Steven Thayn is a crazy Mormon who thinks faith based statistics like "Divorce is Satan's tool" are okay

The Hidden Swingers

This Halloween I was invited to a Hidden Swingers party. Now mind you it's a secondary invite from my neighbor, but an invite none the less. And made so much more official by not being a verbal invite--I got the evite. We didn't go (I prefer my husband over the somewhat rotund and redneck looking husbands of my neighbors). So how do you think a Sunday-After-The-Swinger-Party goes: Kids are playing in the yard, champagne or black colored SUV pulls up, mom gets out, kids in the car say "thanks for letting your mom stay over!"