Monday, April 28, 2008

Testicle Ban Debated

In Florida lawmakers are debating the merits of hanging cast iron, chrome plated testicles from your truck's hitch. My first reaction was "hell yes there's merit," but then I realized it was selfishly driven by my need to see something other than chrome stripper chicks on trucker mudflaps. Seriously, people! Men can and will spend entire evenings talking about their testicles, often grabbing them in greeting. Occasionally they engage them in mating rituals, grabbing them while winking at a potential mate. In fact a man's lack of testicles is tantamount to being a chrome stripper chick. Given the opportunity to proudly display a pair of testicles on one's truck, I think that one set just wouldn't be enough, multiple sets could potentially elevate a man's status as a red-blooded, cave dwelling, drum beating, man's man. So why would one man feel so maligned by the chrome plated testicles hanging from the truck in front of him that he felt the need to take it to the lawmakers? I can only conclude that he was simply threatened by the size.

Outed Blogger

Well, I've been inevitably outed, which carries with it a certain thrill, but mostly it's just a pain in the ass because now I'm offending people who know where I live. People who perhaps don't share my sense of humor, and are not inclined to laugh at this place we call home, or themselves, quite as much as I am. So I give you the following disclaimer:
Boisecommaidaho is not directed at any single person, but more at us as a collective of overachieving, swinging (and yes I know swingers), gas guzzling, velour track suit wearing, M-class dog owning Hidden Springers. I include myself, although I don't own a track suit or an M-class dog, but I did buy a house here and I use my share of gas.
So consider yourself warned that occasionally there may be offending items regarding certain happenings in Stepford, and to make your reading choices appropriately. I certainly will continue to welcome and publish all comments.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bummer of a Doomsday

It's a real bummer when your doomsday is interrupted by the collapse of the cave in which you are waiting to die. I would recommend that all doomsday cults target engineers as members so when their brilliant leader says "hey, let's go live in a cave until the world ends" they have someone who can gauge the quality of the cave. read the article here.

The Joy of Sex

I love stories about the human condition and the impulses that drive us. This delightful article about a man in Ohio who is intimately involved with his picnic table is an impulse gone awry. read the article and watch the video (it's PG). It's unfortunate that he was not smart enough to either move the stool and approach the table from the opposite side, or just move it behind the house where he could have happily continued his unusual relationship in private.

Humphalot is For Sale

Spring is here and with it came numerous for sale signs on Humphalot. These houses are all less than two years old, so I have to ask myself what would make you move before the two year limit and take a huge capital gains loss. Apparently we have two divorces, one foreclosure, one who decided they were too far from a golf course (yeah, I wondered that too) and, my favorite, two are moving due to neighbor conflicts. Who hates their neighbor that much? There is also a poop brown house for sale with the added feature of a midsize flagpole in the middle of the front yard, proudly displaying both the American and Marine flags. Not only is the owner giving it away (thanks for lowering ALL of our values), but who doesn't want a badly patched together flag pole in their front yard (it blew down and broke in half last year).

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Incompetent People

A new study has found that incompetent people have no concept of their own incompetency, and in fact are unable to recognize competency in people around them. So let's add the Peter Principle (every employee will rise to his/her level of incompetence) into the mix and apply it to a business situation. What we end up with is an environment with incompetent people leading incompetent people. Sadly the competent people lose out because they are but a fairytale to those in leadership, who cannot fathom that anyone could be more competent than they themselves are. I'd like to thank Dr. David A. Dunning for giving me the added life stress that striving for self-awareness is but an illusion since I am unable to recognize wether or not I am incompetent. read the article here.