Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Reading List

I have heard you and I'm sorry but, to quote a fellow blogger "life has been kicking my ass" and we are only at month 4 of 2009. My blog is neglected and the last entry a bit misleading since a neglected blog is not so much a keeper. But to get you off of said ass here is a little something that has been added to my reading list. This is not a commentary on the content of the article as I haven't read it yet (see above quote), but I found the title worth sharing. Social Collapse Best Practices by Dimitry Orlov I just don't see the need for learning Best Practices once society has collapsed. Perhaps a better title might be Finding Oil Best Practices or Surviving Social Collapse Best Practices, or even Preventing Social Collapse Best Practices. Either way, just thought I'd share.