Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gay People Cause Earthquakes

A good friend of mine is a spin doctor for the Feds, and in his spare time dons the alter ego of H. Lukas Greene. This is a link to a post on his blog that is both gut bustingly funny and direly disturbing. Love the Rainbow, Be the Rainbow

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Road Bi-sucklers

warning: anti-bicycling musings ahead Okay, I get that there is a lot of pressure to dress in madly matched printed spandex clothing, strap on a helmet that MIGHT save your bean if you're going 5 miles an hour on grass, put a tiny little seat up your ass and then ride 60 miles on a road barely wide enough for 1 car with no bike lane. I'm one hundred percent supportive of this sport. What I am NOT supportive of is the fucking attitude that accompanies said sport....(was that my outside voice)? Am I to be treated as less because I'm in a car wearing regular person clothing? Do you think you are going the speed limit or perhaps "Share the Road" is an epithet only for carlubbers. Is road biking an adrenaline, life risking sport? Is it part of cycling etiquette to ride 3 miles an hour, 6 abreast, and turn to give me dirty looks because I CAN'T PASS YOU ON THE BLIND CORNER? Do you think I'm tailgating you, because I'm not THIS IS AS SLOW AS MY CAR GOES! People, I try to share the road, I know Cartwipple is a "kick ass awesome road" to train on. I get that, what I don't get is why that stupid little helmet shrinks your brain and erases all memories of WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE IN A CAR. I know, that every single one of you had to drive to Stepford to pick up your "sooper cool kick ass awesome" bikes and squeeze into that fugly spandex uniform, so get over your bad ass self, dial down the Lycra, and get in single file. Your life expectancy just might improve.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Neighbors: The Update

Remember when I posted about my neighbor who hoses off his driveway in the middle of winter? Here he is. Notice that the water has shockingly run downhill towards the street.

He is now contemplating how effective the snow he shoveled into the street is at creating a dam. The picture I didn't get was him scooping up the water.

No No Bad Dog #1

This is my sweet, sweet puppy who has a chair fetish. It can't be comfortable, he's 80 lbs and 4 feet long.