Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bat Boy, the Musical

My girlfriends and I kicked off the 4th of July weekend with an evening of culture at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. We saw "Bat Boy, the Musical" based on a news item in The Weekly World News who, incidentally, has adopted the image of Bat Boy as their logo. 

I'm guessing each of you is old enough to remember seeing this 1992 news worthy event on your local grocery store newsstand. It was the story of the summer that year.

In 1997 someone with a lovely sense of humor decided to make it into a musical. It's certainly not for the traditionalist but if you enjoy dancing hillbillies, a tent revival, ambiguous incest, and a good death scene then this play is a must see. It runs through July 24th. Bring your PBR.

I leave you with the opening chorus:

Oh, hold me, Bat Boy! Touch me, Bat Boy!
Help me through the night.
Love me, Bat Boy! Save me, Bat Boy!
Make it all turn out all right!


As most of you know by now my biopsy was cancer free! Of course during the two week wait for the good news we already had a worst case scenario plan - no to chemo and the girls were coming off. That's how bad chemo is, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure. I'd rather lop my boobs off than go through that again.

But the news is all good and we have stopped holding our collective breath. Summer is sort of here, the rivers are going down and the raft is (almost) ready and the Middle Fork is calling us! All is well in our world.

Thanks for all the good thoughts y'all sent our way.