Friday, December 26, 2008

The Magic of Winter

There is magic in this snowy coldness of the high desert in which we live. Especialy in December when the darkness begins again to turn to the light. Merry, Merry, Winter Solstice to you all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For Annette, Who Lived

Today I said goodbye to a friend who has been a part of my village since I was very young. A woman who has been living with ovarian cancer for many years, and was one of the first to give me strength when I could not see the light at the end of my own treatment. Today she is surrounded by her family, wearing her red pajamas, looking at her Christmas tree through funny glasses, and facing her death with courage. I have always believed that to speak of cancer in the language of war is to deny that which is a part of you, and therefore hinder healing. But today it feels like a battle has been lost, as my friend awaits her turn to become a casualty to this war. For Annette: (because she will be WOO HOO'ING her way through the pearly gates) Life should NOT be a journey to the grave With the intention of arriving safely In an attractive and well preserved body, But rather to skid in sideways, Chocolate in one hand, Martini in the other, Body thoroughly used up, Totally worn out and screaming "WOO- HOO what a ride!"

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pet Food or Cat Poop

I spend good money at a specialty store for my dog's food, and it is served daily with a large dollop of organic honey yogurt. But often he will give it a sniff, head outside and root around for cat poop, leaving his dinner to congeal for a day or two. How bad can dog food taste when cat poop is the preferred menu?

A Shoe is Raised in Protest

Throwing shoes in protest is perhaps the most brilliant strategy I've seen by any person or group. Imagine how it would change the face of activism:
  • Green Peace could zoom up to super tankers and throw birkenstocks
  • Bombers could be filled with army boots instead of bombs
  • Road ragers could throw old tennis shoes or last year's Jimmy Choos

My favorite quotes from the MSNBC article []: "He was being ... interrogated about whether anybody paid him to throw his shoes at Bush" [like who, a thrifty terrorist who isn't quite sure about the whole suicide leading to nirvana doctrine?] "his shoes were being held as evidence" [evidence of what?] "Showing the sole of your shoe to someone in the Arab world is a sign of extreme disrespect, and throwing your shoes is even worse" [I'm pretty sure that could be applied to anyone in any country who has shoes thrown at them.] "The incident raised fears of a security lapse in the heavily guarded Green Zone where the press conference took place." [a security lapse of what, allowing people to wear their shoes?]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Memoriam

A close friend of ours buried his brother today, and no tragedy suffered in our own lives gives us insight on what to say or do. So we will sit quietly, be present when needed, and light a candle for his brother's journey. In Memoriam by George Santayana With you a part of me hath passed away; For in the peopled forest of my mind A tree made leafless by this wintry wind Shall never don again its green array. Chapel and fireside, country road and bay, Have something of their friendliness resigned; Another, if I would, I could not find, And I am grown much older in a day. But yet I treasure in my memory Your gift of charity, and young hearts ease, And the dear honour of your amity; For these once mine, my life is rich with these. And I scarce know which part may greater be,-- What I keep of you, or you rob from me.