Sunday, September 6, 2009

So What You're Telling Me Is....

Time recently published an online article regarding exercise and its relationship to weight loss. Now, this wasn't some hacked together last minute article by a harried reporter trying to fill news space. Nope, this was a breaking story with a scientific study to back it up (i.e. someone deemed this worthy of funding). Before I divulge the groundbreaking findings let me quickly summarize the study.
  • 2 groups of overweight people
  • group 1 is told to maintain their lifestyle
  • group 2 is told to add a few days of exercise to their routine
You know what the scientists found? The group who exercised ate more calories and gained more weight than the group that sat on the couch. So the finding was exercise makes you fat because it stimulates your hunger and causes you to eat more. So what you're telling me is.... 1. I'm a slave to my hunger and cannot choose to not consume more calories than I burn, therefore I should not excercise because it will make me hungry and cause me to gain weight as I mindlessly shove cupcakes into my guts. Because not only can I not choose to not eat, I'm so hungry that I eat the first thing that comes into my view. 2. If I intake more calories than I'm burning it will cause me to gain weight. It doesn't matter if I am burning those calories running or watching the latest episode of True Blood. I'm pretty sure Weight Watchers as well as half the educated population knew that already and I think I should have gone into science instead of folklore. It obviously pays and you don't have to be that smart. Read it here: Exercise Makes You Fat