Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Reading List

I have heard you and I'm sorry but, to quote a fellow blogger "life has been kicking my ass" and we are only at month 4 of 2009. My blog is neglected and the last entry a bit misleading since a neglected blog is not so much a keeper. But to get you off of said ass here is a little something that has been added to my reading list. This is not a commentary on the content of the article as I haven't read it yet (see above quote), but I found the title worth sharing. Social Collapse Best Practices by Dimitry Orlov I just don't see the need for learning Best Practices once society has collapsed. Perhaps a better title might be Finding Oil Best Practices or Surviving Social Collapse Best Practices, or even Preventing Social Collapse Best Practices. Either way, just thought I'd share.


Jodi said...

I hope life is "done" kicking your ass. The only thing that can give us some comfort in these times is to know that we're not alone. I don't know anyone right now who isn't getting their ass kicked. Hope you'll be back to doing the ass kicking soon!

tallulah said...

Yes, yes. The kicking my ass thing has been going on here at tallulah's house as well.

Funny book title. It may be a very interesting read.