Monday, April 28, 2008

Testicle Ban Debated

In Florida lawmakers are debating the merits of hanging cast iron, chrome plated testicles from your truck's hitch. My first reaction was "hell yes there's merit," but then I realized it was selfishly driven by my need to see something other than chrome stripper chicks on trucker mudflaps. Seriously, people! Men can and will spend entire evenings talking about their testicles, often grabbing them in greeting. Occasionally they engage them in mating rituals, grabbing them while winking at a potential mate. In fact a man's lack of testicles is tantamount to being a chrome stripper chick. Given the opportunity to proudly display a pair of testicles on one's truck, I think that one set just wouldn't be enough, multiple sets could potentially elevate a man's status as a red-blooded, cave dwelling, drum beating, man's man. So why would one man feel so maligned by the chrome plated testicles hanging from the truck in front of him that he felt the need to take it to the lawmakers? I can only conclude that he was simply threatened by the size.

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