Thursday, April 10, 2008

Humphalot is For Sale

Spring is here and with it came numerous for sale signs on Humphalot. These houses are all less than two years old, so I have to ask myself what would make you move before the two year limit and take a huge capital gains loss. Apparently we have two divorces, one foreclosure, one who decided they were too far from a golf course (yeah, I wondered that too) and, my favorite, two are moving due to neighbor conflicts. Who hates their neighbor that much? There is also a poop brown house for sale with the added feature of a midsize flagpole in the middle of the front yard, proudly displaying both the American and Marine flags. Not only is the owner giving it away (thanks for lowering ALL of our values), but who doesn't want a badly patched together flag pole in their front yard (it blew down and broke in half last year).


tallulah said...

There are so many divorces and forclosures out is hard to keep track. My friend who sold her house for a loss because of the gun-toting, home-schooling midget is now at peace knowing she is no longer getting stalked.

Goodoo said...

hey there. i am the one who moved because of the neighbors across the street. you are right on. wish i could put a face to you. i just can't remember. i was walking around with shell shock most of the time in Humpalot so it's not surprising.

boisecommaidaho said...
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