Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hidden Swingers

This Halloween I was invited to a Hidden Swingers party. Now mind you it's a secondary invite from my neighbor, but an invite none the less. And made so much more official by not being a verbal invite--I got the evite. We didn't go (I prefer my husband over the somewhat rotund and redneck looking husbands of my neighbors). So how do you think a Sunday-After-The-Swinger-Party goes: Kids are playing in the yard, champagne or black colored SUV pulls up, mom gets out, kids in the car say "thanks for letting your mom stay over!"

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Brooke said...

Just wanted to let you know that I hosted that halloween party and it wasn't a swinger party...the event title was joke. But we did find it quite humorous how many people enjoyed gossiping about it as a real swinger party. =) Anyway, I live across the street from you, so you can rest easy at night that I'm not on the prowl for any swing partners for myself (or my "rotund" hubby).