Friday, November 16, 2007

What I See

Coyotes Llama Cows Great Blue Heron Racoons Skunks Bears Owl Deer Badger Wild Turkeys Fox Quail Falcons Rabbits These are the animals I get to see almost everyday on my 9 mile drive to the big city. I grew up with all of these animals here in Idaho, and 38 years later I still stop and gaze with awe when a coyote chooses to reveal itself to me, or an owl checks me out from high up in the trees. In a short 9 miles I get to see the world I live in and that list doesn't include the sunrises, the rainbows or the storm clouds that periodically paint the sky. I believe that life is good.


tallulah said...

Life is good isn't it?

elle said...

I saw a bobcat the other day! It was AMAZING! It ran in front of my car, I slammed on the brakes and actually got out of my car!!

Life is good! Thanks for reminder!