Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time to Break Up?

I was recently speaking with a neighbor who had a family member get married at the barn over the weekend. I was thinking what a nice place to get married and politely asked a follow up question regarding the happy couple. This is the story he gave me: Boy and girl had a fight in the Walmart parking lot 4 weeks ago. Girl hopped in their truck, boy chased after her and girl accidentally hit him with the truck. This apparently struck her as a brilliant move, because she then began chasing boy and hit him 2 more times. One of the Walmart shoppers called 911 and girl was arrested. Girl spent a few days in jail and is currently waiting for her court date to arrive.
In the meantime boy and girl decided it would be a good choice to get married.


tallulah said...

You just can't make this stuff up. Only in, or Texas.

dannogal said...

I'm not seeing the problem with this. I mean, really - don't we all have times when we accidently hit our b/f or spouse with our vehicle and then find a way to make up?

Then again... I am a born & bred Idahoan....