Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life Enhancing Websites

In the past few weeks I've come across a variety of interesting websites, for example: Ashely Madison -- helping you have extramarital affairs Daba Girls -- A blog for incredibly vapid women to vent about losing their Wall Street Sugar Daddies But none really compare to the potential of PMS Buddy. If you think that women are the target market, you'd be wrong, it's for men. You know, the ones lurking in women's bathrooms TRACKING.THEIR.MONTHLY.CYCLES. I might understand that the average male has a pretty good idea of ONE woman's cycle if he's living with a girlfriend or wife....but the site encourages you sign up and "add women to track" that's plural and really disturbing.

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Jodi said...

Now that is just WRONG. If I ever found the guy that started that I'd kick his ever lovin' ass all the way to the next "mother, sister, friend, wife" on the list and she could take over from there.