Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mob Parenting

Mob Parenting: when 20 or more parents become involved in penalizing a single child 6 years or younger based on the irrational fear that he or she may be enjoying childhood. 

How is it that, what seems to be, a majority of parents are unable to differentiate between a dangerous situation and a safe one when it comes to school. Are the kids with whom your children play after school only homicidal maniacs during school; is that plastic spork or allergy medicine only dangerous within school walls? 

Mob Parenting is irrational and is robbing children of the excitement of discovery; it's teaching them that this world is to be feared instead of understood. 

A policy of zero tolerance doesn't command respect or encourage thought, instead it is simply an extreme reaction to fear.

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tallulah said...

Do I want a kid playing with my 6 year old boy at school that has a knife in his pocket? No. Do I think that the child should be expelled? No. The administration takes a black or white attitude on this issue and it's not. They say that it must be 0 tolerance because then they could be game for discrimination issues. I say let them be game and hold kids accountable for their actions...not kick them out of school.