Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Lacuna | The Unknown Gap

I'm a reader. If I don't have at least one book in process and another in the wings I feel a bit of anxiety and have to break out the Ativan. I will read anything from children's books to spy novels. 

I've even gone so far as to attempt to read a Rosamund Pilcher novel (yawn) and the Twilight series...yes, I thought I'd better see what all the fuss was about and I'm still not sure. But having given Utah 7 good years of my life I could at least chuckle at all the subtext. Sort of like being Catholic and actually "getting" Chaucer (who is far more interesting than Stephanie Meyers). But I digress.

I'm currently reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver (top five favorite author) and I'm now obsessed with Frida Khalo. I find myself getting lost in the webernets as I read everything I can find. I've even added the movie Frida to my Netflix que.

The Lacuna is an intriguing novel of a boy's relationship with Frida written from the perspective of his diaries and is quite a thought provoking book. If you haven't read it then put it on your list. It's well worth your time. I'm putting it up there with Lets not go to the Dogs Tonight.

Perhaps I'm captured because I spent a summer in front of Diego's murals down in Mexico, and having grown up in a family of artists, Frida wasn't far from my childhood.

Either way I felt compelled to tell the world to read this book. So do it.


Jodi said...

Love the look of the blog!

Casey said...

Jodi's right--the blog looks great.

I loved that book. I'm surprised it didn't get as much fuss as Kingsolver's other books. I'm not sure why that is--maybe Americans weren't prepared to see Communists as normal people.

Kristen said...

WOW - We have a lot of similarities - I'm glad I hit Next on my blog and yours came up! I have said the exact statement about having a book waiting in the wings and last year had the same mammogram experience my yearly is in a few weeks... Great Blog!