Sunday, July 20, 2008

Garment Free

I must extend the obligatory apology for such a long delay in my summer posts. Unfortunately this post is not an indication that there will be more quickly following, but I felt the below link was worth taking a 10 minute timeout from summer to share. I laughed out loud when I read the original news article. It seems The Church didn't share my mirth and excommunicated those responsible. A more fiscally responsible response might have been to calculate the 10% tithing they would have made off the calendar. And for the record, I spent 7 years in Utah and I NEVER saw a calendar worthy missionary.


tallulah said...

I had a mormon boyfriend for a year before he went on a mission. And damn if he didn't look as good as some of those men in the calendar! I think I was his first and last fling before finding a nice little mormon wife.

Anonymous said...

I fucked a return missionary for the four years we lived together. Trust me, it wasn't the "missionary position" - but he sure did get down and pray a lot :)

Buddy S.