Sunday, July 20, 2008

Open Carry at the Zoo

If I were trying to raise public awareness around a particular issue say, unconcealed weapons permits, I'm not sure I would choose Zoo Boise as my venue. Your demographic will be 5 year old children whose only focus are the monkeys and conning their parents into cotton candy. Based on Open Carry's world view, it seems the mall might have been a better choice or perhaps Sunday school, because, as one of their Eagle, ID members said, "Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place of random shootings in malls, even churches."


Anonymous said...

what a pack of idiots! it only reminded me of the day in 2000 when a cop shot a woman in her leg after a tager about mauled her. The tager was unharmed, the zoo director was fired, the woman recovered, and the cop retired - a happy ending in spite of the idiot with the gun at the zoo!

Buddy S.

MToast said...

every time i come to this website only to find that it was last updated when Cheers was the number one show on television, a little part of me dies. update your site and it will make you suck less than you do right at this moment. which is a lot.

boisecommaidaho said...

Well MToast that's kind of harsh. Summer just hasn't been that inspiring. Where's your blog?