Saturday, January 30, 2010


Last Sunday was the big play off game with my hubby's favorite team and I really wasn't up to sitting at Harry's for 4 hours with all of our friends. So I bribed him with "If we can stay home to watch the game I will go to the store and get you whatever crap food you need to make it feel like a party." Here is his list:

bean dip

Velveeta? Where the hell do you find Velveeta? It has never made it's way onto my shopping list. But my hubby grew up in a family where Velveeta Chili Cheese Dip was a favorite family recipe therefore it fits into the "Comfort Food" category.

So I find myself at Winco, 30 minutes before game time, wandering the aisles because I had heard someone once say that Velveeta didn't need to be refrigerated. I thought it might be by the Kraft Mac & Cheese, because that's not food either. I was wrong.

Winco merchandises Velveeta in the cheese cooler. I grabbed the only humongous block they offerred, added some naan bread and hummus to the cart for me and checked out.

And that is how I lost my Velveeta virginity. My mom would be so not proud.


tallulah said...

I tend to go gourmet on nearly every food that touches my lips...except Velveeta. It rocks!

elle said...

Doesn't it freak you out how expensive Velveeta is? can something so crappy cost as much or more than real cheese? All those chemicals must be expensive.

Darlene said...

I lost my velveeta virginity over the Super Bowl this year also! For some odd reason my hubby, who is (usually) a very healthy eater, decided that we must make queso dip with the V. Where were we when he decided this? COSTCO! So I now have a lifetime supply of crap that I suppose I could save until next Super Bowl. :-/