Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Idaho Has Too Much Money

As I understand it Idaho is spending 100k on suing the feds because "Otter says never before has the federal government required its citizens to purchase a product and they shouldn't start now." 

So by that logic I should be able to sue Idaho for requiring me to purchase auto insurance and home owners insurance because state government should never require its citizens to purchase a product.

It's quite possible I'm missing the bigger picture because I get most of my news in sound bites either from NPR or from someone who has more time and interest than I do to actually understand the finer points of our political landscape.

But is this lawsuit, which is only going to succeed in giving Otter press, really worth 100k? Or did Otter just need an excuse to wear his awesomely ugly olive green suit with the red floral tie on TV?

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Jodi said...

I've been thinking the very same thing. Well, ok, I hadn't noticed the olive green pantsuit and ugly tie (are you freaking kidding me?) but about the lawsuit, let's say it certainly didn't surprise me.