Saturday, June 5, 2010

Get Over It I live in Hidden Springs, I do not have children and that is not cause for eyebrow raising, I do not live 3 feet from my neighbor, I am not an "idiot" for choosing the HS over a cramped North End bungalow, and we are not swingers....and if we were I don't think you'd be getting an invite. 

I love our house, I love our lot, I love our view, I love coming home, making a cocktail, and watching the hawks and eagles and blue herons hunt 10 feet off my back fence. I love that I can hear and often see the coyotes on the hill behind my house...and I love that I know on a full moon I will hear much more than just coyotes if I sit quietly on my back patio and listen.

I love that I can ride my bike to the end of the street and be on the Ridges to Rivers Trail System. I can also ride my bike to the Merc for a beer, or I can walk to the farm to pick up the eggs the crazy chickens lay every week. I can actually choose when I want to talk to my neighbors over the fence, as opposed to having their lives played out 4 feet from my dining room window like some disturbing picture show.

What is it about Hidden Springs that it can incite a seemingly normal (if a bit bitchy) woman to just go off about my choice of neighborhoods? Yes, it looks a bit like Mayberry but it's also only 11 years old and will probably look like the North End in ONE HUNDRED YEARS!  

But I will be gone by then and my immediate future doesn't include re-wiring my house, knocking out walls, stripping 40 layers of paint, replacing my plumbing, or digging out a basement so I can have more space. 

If this is what you love then YAY! Do it, live in the North End and love it, but don't think it gives you some sense of entitlement to judge people that don't want to pay 150$ a square foot for the privilege of being a slave to their house, and having their car broken into once a year on average.

And boo-hoo that I can't walk to Hyde Park, or ride my bike to Saturday Market, or stumble home after a night of revelry but I will thank you to keep your rude opinions to yourself (at least until I know you better), and stop assuming that any of those things are remotely important to me. It's not as if I need a special pass to enter the North End...they obviously let anyone live there.


Drew said...
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Drew said...

Preach it sister! While I don't live in the HS, I could easily imagine myself doing so and am a big fan of the panoramic views, proximity to the natural world and what seems like a very strong sense of community among those who do live there.

I would even submit that an attack as narrowminded and ill informed as the one you experienced could handily be quashed by just pointing out the many, many merits of Hidden Springs. There's plenty of ammo there and no need to tear down the hood of your N. End brethren to make your case. We're all one big neighborhood, standing in opposition to socially inappropriate dicks, wherever they may live. ;-)

boisecommaidaho said...

Drew...well said. There are quite a few Northenders I don't mind ;). But this gal gave y'all a very bad name!

Jodi said...

Ok, what happened to the long and lovely comment I wrote here? Well, I'll sum it up. I love HS and wouldn't consider moving back over the hill. What I love the very most? NEVER hearing a siren.

Jessie said...

Zoiks! Was I giving you a hard time about where you live? I didn't think I've lived here long enough to be snobby about NE -- plus, I don't even technically live there. Anyways, I can't really remember, but I hope I wasn't the source of blog fodder. =)

Anonymous said...