Saturday, June 5, 2010

St. Lucia

We spent a blissful (and very hot) week on the West Indies island of St. Lucia at the beginning of May. Below are a few pictures. It was an island unexpectedly rich in culture and sights to see. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to experience everything that is St. Lucia, but I have a feeling we will return to the island of light...perhaps a stopover on the way to Belize.....

We began with a short helicopter ride to the resort since we landed south and stayed north.

The view from our villa's patio...I was still trying to figure out the panoramic feature but you get the idea.

The beach, which was fabulously uncrowded and had cabana boys.

Sunsets were always a bit cloudy, but really....what sucks about that when there's a beach and a cocktail involved?

Rodney Bay, famous for helping a certain British Popwreck get sober. They named a bar after her - REHAB. This is the fruit boat that spends its days going up and down the east coast of the island selling fruit to swimmers.
We charted a catamaran one day and lived like rock stars snorkeling up and down the coast.

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Jodi said...

Eeeeek! What fun! You're planning a trip to Belize????? You know I've always wanted to go there. If you go, I'm stowing away, like it or not.